Thursday Evening Matches

We will continue to hold the Thursday evening matches for the 2017 season.
The match dates are EVERY Thursday evening from April 27th through October 12th.
Setup starts at 4:00pm.  The more help that can arrive early the quicker we can start the match.  The match will start at approximately 5:00pm, show up by 6:00pm and you will be able to complete the course of fire. Our biggest issue will be the failing daylight so we have to be efficient to ensure we finish before dark.

We will have 3 stages, although if time permits we may add a 4th.
The cost will be $10. We will allow a second gun to be shot in a Not for Competition class for an additional $10.
We do reserve the right to not allow shooters to shoot a second gun in the event of limited safety officers or daylight available.

As soon as the stages are set up, we will form squads and start shooting.  
As more people arrive, they can get a scoresheet from the Match Director and join a squad already in progress.

New Shooters please read below!!!!!!

Please note that the Thursday evening matches are not a good opportunity to get new shooters introduced to the sport due to staff and time constraints.
We are set up to do the new member introduction process at the weekend matches.  Please see the new shooter information here. If you are unable to attend our weekend matches and wish to attend new shooter orientation on a Thursday evening you must notify us ahead of time.  This is to ensure we can accommodate the request and you don't waste a drive to the range.