Thinking of becoming a Safety Officer?

The next class will be scheduled when there is sufficient demand.  If you are interested in attending a future class, please contact the instructors listed below.

General information on the class:

A significant portion of the class is range exercises however you will not need to bring any equipment except your eye and ear protection.

There is limited space in this class.  We may have to give priority to applicants based on experience or other factors.
There will be another class held whenever the demand warrants one.

If you are interested in becoming an IDPA SO:

  1. Identify a person willing to sponsor you.  The official words from HQ are that your local Match Director must sponsor you.  However, from a practical matter, the ideal situation is for you to be sponsored by an experienced current Safety Officer that you frequently shoot with.  So, for the application, please identify your local Match Director and a Safety Officer that you have worked with

  2. Fill out the Training Application Form (link at bottom of this page), scan it, and email it to

  3. If approved for participation in this class, you will be sent a link for taking the pre-class exam covering the rulebook.

Some background information:

From the rulebook, the general guidelines for becoming a Safety Officer:
2.2.2. IDPA members wishing to apply to take the IDPA Safety Officer Class should meet the following
minimum qualifications to be considered: Be at least 21 years of age and be able to lawfully possess a firearm under the laws of your
country of residence. Be a current IDPA member in good standing for at least six months, and never have had their
membership revoked. Have shot at least six IDPA matches, at the club or sanctioned level. Be willing and able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the IDPA rulebook. Be sponsored by an IDPA-affiliated club representative that can confirm the applicant’s ability to
safely handle a firearm and who is willing and able to provide designated mentor SOs committed to
training the graduate SO.

Note that the  new  class  material  does  not  attempt  an exhaustive presentation of the IDPA Rulebook. Instead, the class is  now  focused on teaching the basic elements  of  safely  administering  and  running  an  IDPA  Course  of  Fire.
This means that the candidate should be knowledgeable of the rulebook prior to taking the class.

Also note that completion of the class does not guarantee that you will be approved as a safety officer.  You (and your sponsor) may be given additional areas to develop before being approved.

So, your first step is to confer with your club Match Director (or other representative they may identify) so that they may sponsor you.
Fill out the application (link below)
Pass the online 60 question test (covering the rulebook) (70% or better required)  (info and link will be provided)

IDPA Safety Officer Training Application Form (pdf)
find form at:

Kurt Zuehlke

Jon Thompson

Additional information on the Safety Officer class format is in this document.