General IDPA Match Information

IDPA matches are held approximately once per month on Saturday or Sunday. Check the schedule for upcoming matches. Set-up starts at 8:00, all shooters should arrive to assist with the set-up.  The more shooters help, the sooner we are able to start the match.  The match briefing will start promptly at 9:30, if you are not at the range by the match briefing we may not be able to accommodate you.
The cost for shooting one gun is $15, an additional gun may be shot for $10. 

We also have Thursday evening matches from April through October.  Information on Thursday matches can be found here

IDPA course scenarios are designed to simulate self defense scenarios or to test a shooters handgun skills. 

This is an excellent way to practice tactical shooting skills, learn from and with others, and have fun with a great group of people with the same goals. We encourage all new and less experienced shooters to join us for some fun.  We regularly have shooters of all skill levels from beginners to Master class shooters. Law enforcement officers are especially encouraged to attend.

What You Will Need to Bring
  1. The ability and willingness to listen and be safe.
  2. A properly working pistol or revolver, 9mm or 38 caliber or larger.
  3. A strong side holster that covers the entire trigger guard, no pocket, shoulder, SOB, or cross draw permitted.
  4. At least 100 rounds of ammunition.
  5. At least 3 magazines or 4 speed loaders.

IDPA rules state that a contestant may only shoot three IDPA match as a non-IDPA member.  Competitors wishing to shoot additional matches must become IDPA members.  Also, only IDPA members may shoot a classifier match.  We will be checking IDPA cards at all matches.  Information on membership can be found here.

In case of bad weather......

The basic policy is that we do not cancel matches in advance due to predicted bad weather (We don't trust the accuracy of meteorologists).  If someone shows up and wants to shoot a match, we'll shoot a match, whether it's raining or we just had a foot of snow.  The exception is that if there is dangerous weather in the area, we may choose to head for cover rather than shoot a match.  Also, we may change the course of fire based on weather conditions.  For example, it is difficult to perform well in a Classifier if the targets have baggies on them, so we may choose to shoot a scenario match rather than a classifier and postpone the Classifier to next month (although if someone shows up and has their heart set on doing a classifier, we'll do our best to accommodate them).      

****Match Safety Information****

All IDPA events at Minnetonka Game and Fish Club are run with a COLD range.  No loaded firearms are permitted except under the direct supervision of a Safety Officer.  

If, when you arrive, you are carrying a loaded firearm you must immediately seek a Safety Officer who will supervise the unloading of your carry firearm in a safe location and manner.  

This must be done before engaging in any IDPA related activity such as setup or registration. 

Additionally, the only place that a firearm may be handled is under the direct supervision of a safety officer or at the Safety table.

No ammo or magazines may be handled at the safety table.
The sole exception that people using a firearm with a "mag disconnect" may handle an EMPTY mag for purposes of dropping the hammer while at the safety table.

Follow the instructions of the Safety Officers and understand the Match Director is the final authority on range rules and safety issues.

Always follow the 4 main safety rules:

  1. All guns are always loaded.

  2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.

  3. Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target.

  4. Identify your target, and what is behind it.